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"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth" - Diogenes
Itty Bitties 

The environment in our "Itty Bitty" classroom finds children acclimating to a schedule within a whole group setting. Through a combination of personalized instruction and small group time, the teacher advances toddlers' resourcefulness, critical thinking skills, and capacity for compassion. Our toddlers actively engaged and continuously interested in understanding more about themselves, their friends and family, and the world around them. 

​Bridge Group

In our Bridge Group, social and emotional development is a primary goal. You will see children learning to communicate with on another, develop budding friendships, share, take turns, and to develop age appropriate attention spans, as well as to learn to use words to handle conflict and emotions. Our program strives to promote the social and emotional areas of development in a happy relaxed learning environment 

Pre Kindergarten 


Our Pre-Kindergarten program nurtures inquisitive minds and refines core skills as children prepare to enter kindergarten. With a variety of learning stations throughout the room, children are encouraged to explore at their own pace and experiment with new concepts and skills. Our emergent reading concepts, math skills and science are all part of the daily curriculum our Pre-K students' experience

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