Rhyme and Reason Child Care Center - Where child care is child caring!
Rhyme and Reason Child Care Center offers preschoolers and early elementary aged children a unique and enriching academic experience. Our nurturing environment offers a strong commitment to children and families. We are passionate about providing your child the tools they need to be successful in their academic journey.

At Rhyme and Reason your child will experience a variety of activities that will contribute to his growth allowing him to acheive his full potential.
Our days incorporate fun, learning, and enrichment. Not only do we have a developmental curriculum, but children also experience:
Music Together
Dancin' Kids
Young Explorers
Kids in the Kitchen
Young Rembrants
Our methods of teaching and dedicated teachers contribute to the well-rounded experience that your child will find at Rhyme and Reason.Come visit Rhyme and Reason today. We look forward to sharing our family with yours.

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